Error Codes#

enum mocca::ErrorCode#

Error codes in case of assertion failure or exception.

Error Categories:

  • 1-9: Type Errors

  • 10-19: Invalid operations

  • 20-29: Dimensions/Length Errors

  • 30-39: Sparse Matrix Errors

  • 40-49: Input/Output Errors

  • 50-59: Monte Carlo Errors

  • 70-79: SIMD Errors

  • 90: Out of Bounds


enumerator kSuccess#


enumerator kNonNumericType#

“Error 1: Only numeric types are supported!”

enumerator kNonIntegerType#

“Error 2: Only integral types are supported!”

enumerator kNonFloatingType#

“Error 3: Only floating point types are supported!”

enumerator kNonRealType#

“Error 4: Only real numerical types are supported!”

enumerator kNonComplexType#

“Error 5: Only complex numerical types are supported!”

enumerator kMismatchTypes#

“Error 6: A expression cannot contain objects with different types!”

enumerator kMatOnlyMethod#

“Error 10: This operation is only valid for matrices”

enumerator kVecOnlyMethod#

“Error 11: This operation is only valid for vectors!”

enumerator kNonSquareMat#

“Error 12: This operation is only valid for square matrices!”

enumerator kDenseOnly#

“Error 13: This operation is only valid for dense types!”

enumerator kSparseOnly#

“Error 14: This operation is only valid for sparse types!”

enumerator kInvalidParam#

“Error 15: Invalid operation parameters!”

enumerator kNoAbstractExpr#

“Error 16: This operation can not be used with expressions!”

enumerator kHaveAliasing#

“Error 17: Aliasing detected when evaluating the expression!”

enumerator kInvalidLayout#

“Error 18: This sparse layout is not support for this operation!”

enumerator kMismatchLayout#

“Error 19: Mismatch type layout!”

enumerator kMismatchDim#

“Error 20: Mismatch dimensions between operands!”

enumerator kInvalidSize#

“Error 21: Invalid size!”

enumerator kIteratorRange#

“Error 22: Iterator range is greater than the matrix dimensions!”

enumerator kReshapeError#

“Error 23: Invalid reshape dimensions!”

enumerator kAssignMatToVec#

“Error 25: Trying to assign a matrix to a vector!”

enumerator kDenseToSparse#

“Error 26: Trying to assign a dense type to a sparse type!”

enumerator kInvalidBroadcast#

“Error 29: The operands could not be broadcasted together!”

enumerator kIncorrectCSRInit#

“Error 30: The CSRMatrix was not initialized correctly!”

enumerator kTripletOutOfBounds#

“Error 31: The triplet array contains out-of-bounds indexes”

enumerator kFileReadErr#

“Error 40: Cannot read from file!”

enumerator kFileWriteErr#

“Error 41: Cannot write to file!”

enumerator kEmptyFile#

“Error 42: The file is empty!”

enumerator kMTXWrongFmt#

“Error 43: Wrong MTX file format!”

enumerator kMTXUnsupported#

“Error 44: Unsupported MTX matrix type!”

enumerator kMTXDatatype#

“Error 45: Unsupported MTX datatype!”,

enumerator kTXTWrongHead#

“Error 46: Wrong TXT file header!”

enumerator kMaxTermsExceeded#

“Error 50: The maximum number of terms in the Neumann exceeded!”

enumerator kOutOfBounds#

“Error 90: The matrix index is out of bounds!”

enumerator kUnsupportedOp#

“Error 99: Invalid operation!”